bandali's personal site

I am a free software activist and computing scientist. I'm a GNU maintainer of Jami and GNUzilla and IceCat, and I wear a few other hats around GNU, like helping run the Savannah forge for GNU and non-GNU projects as a Savannah hacker. My current $dayjob is working on Jami as a Free Software Consultant, which includes hacking on various parts of Jami and its packaging for various GNU/Linux distributions.

On the side, I enjoy hacking on GNU Emacs and Emacs Lisp. I'm the current maintainer of ERC the powerful and modular IRC client built into GNU Emacs, an organizer of the EmacsConf conference, and co-host of the Emacs.el podcast with Gopar.


Here are notes about various topics or issues I care about. You can also read them via Atom or RSS.

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